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More fandom stuffs

Maaan, Arakawa sure makes it hard to plan multi-chapter fanfics based on the manga now. D: I mean, I'm not even going to attempt writing Greedling until Chapter 55 is out, because I'm not totally sure how he's going to behave, only speculate. Another problem- do we know if Father cancelled out Scar and Mei's alchemy too? I'm thinking not, because then they would be screwed with all those chimera after them, but it seemed as if whatever he did affected a large area...or maybe he only cancelled the alchemy for Ed and Al? In that case, is it permanent until Father reverses it? Or if Ed and Al get away from there, will they be able to use it again? And how would Mei and Ling react to seeing each other? Would they cooperate, would they hate each other, would they even recognize each other?? ...Hell, not only that, how would Mei react to Greedling?!

I realize I could just make up whatever answer that I want for the time being, but...I'm such a canon whore. -__-; *sigh* Anyway, anyone want to beta a Scar+Mei ficlet for me?

Page 1:
The mask that I broke. You told me to give it back.
Whyyyy does this happen when it comes to Brother's sense of taste...

Page 2-3:
Chapter 34 [Footsteps of a Comrade]

Page 4:
[The credits go here I guess??]

Page 5:
Ran Fan!
Alphonse made it. Isn't that nice?
Just...just because you've done this doesn't mean...
Now say thank you.

Page 6:
.....Th...thank you...very much...
Your welcome.
...Jeez, and we're in a hurry, you know?

Page 7:
It's your fault we wasted so much time waiting to get fixed.
It would have been fine if you hadn't broken it, Ed!
Yeah, yeah.
It was those black-clothed guys' fault! I'll throw my automail bill your way!!
(Hahaha) I'll give them a good long talk so please forgive them.
The girl is Ran Fan. The old man is Fuu.
They're from a family that has served my household for generations. Try to get along.

Page 8:
(Now that you mention it, there's no sign of them around...)
If you have two attendants, then Ling, that must mean you're from a pretty well off family?
Hah!! So even though you're a man, you're too scared to travel without escorts?
That's right, it can be dangerous for a child to travel by himself.
A child?
How old are you?
15 years old.

Page 9:
...Ed, you're almost 16, right?
Stand up!!

Page 10:
(He avoided it....)
(He avoided it...!!)
He insulted Master Ling....
Ah.....Ran Fan...

Page 11:
They're on top?!
Buh...are they alright?!
Nevermind that, they're riding for free!! Conductor!!
Hahahahaha do you think those two will be caught so easily?

Page 12:
Hey Falman.
It's me. It's Havoc.
I've come for a visit~
2nd Lt. Havoc!
Yo! The Colonel told me to come check the state of things.
I'm sorry.
I have some business near here so it's on the way, don't worry about it.
Here, some goods from the Colonel.
Ahh thanks.
So how is it?
Not so well. I'd like to hurry and return to work.

Page 13:
Yoooo, you bloke with the cigarette
Thanks for coming
So, Barry. Have you won at least once yet?
It's no use, I can't win at all.
Even though that guy Mustang or whatever brought us this plaything, the boredom is killing me. Hey, can't I at least go out to cut people at night?
Don't be ridiculous, you idiot.
As for the Colonel, how has he been since then?
I dunno.

Page 14:
'You dunno'...?
Seems he's grappling with some documents but I'm not allowed to help, so I dunno.
Then just how long am I supposed to stay in this place?
We've been confined here for ten days already and I'm about to go crazy
I'd be able to bear it if there were at least some good news
Good news, huh....
....I forgot to mention it, but...
I do have something!

Page 15:
I've found a girlfriend!!!
She's been so nice to me whenever I've been in trouble since I moved here <3
Maaan, she's such a great woman!!
Heyyy, do you think it might be fun to cut her?! Heyy hey!!
.....Please leave already...
You were working in Archive No. 3, weren't you? Do you have the key?

Page 16:
AH!! No. 3 is...'s still messy from when I was using it so...
It's alright, I'm just going to get a document I need. Can you give me the key?
I guess it can't be helped. I'll come get it later so clean it up by then, alright?

Page 17:
Colonel Mustang!!
How long was I asleep?
Erm, maybe ten minutes...?

Page 18: may be none of my concern, but perhaps you shouldn't overdue it and get some rest.....
Oh no, there's not much time until the war council
I'll come again
Was that Colonel Mustang?

Page 19:
Good morning, Scieska.
G...Good morning, Captain Fokkaa [Fawker? Don't have time to research this~ D:]
What is the Colonel doing here?
...The Archive is open
You can't let unauthorized people in
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
A...Am I fired?
You were pressured by the Colonel, weren't you?
I'll keep silent about it.

Page 20:
Thank you very much
I wonder what he came to investigate
Do you know, Scieska?
I don't know the details, myself
Central Prison's execution list
Past cases that occurred in military seems he's investigating cases dealing with State Alchemists.
He also asked me if there were any documents dealing with the 5th laboratory.
And Brigadier General Hughes's case.....

Page 21:
He seemed pretty desperate, so I...the Archive...
In the murder of Brigadier General Hughes, a bullet of the same caliber as military-grade pistols was used, right?
I wonder if the culprit is within Central's military personnel?
Why was such a considerate person...
It's scary....
It's alright
It has nothing to do with you
Come, today's work pile is stacked high again. I'm counting on you.

Page 22:
Good morning, Scieska.

Page 23:
...Good morning...

Page 24:
Good day.
Have you lost a little weight?
You got injured?
There was a small scuffle in the South. It is just a scrape.

Page 25:
Oh, that's right, I met the Elric brothers. They were at the Southern Headquarters for an assessment.
So they still plan on being dogs of the military.
Fullmetal is almost 16 too
Whether they'll restore their bodies first or get sent to the battlefield as human weapons first...
....That kind of place

Page 26:
[already finished w00t!]

Page 27:
Major Armstrong disobeyed military command.
He'll probably be sent back to Central soon.
To disobey a command is the smartest way to get away from this rotten battlefield.
Isn't that right, Major Mustang?
It's shell shock.
If you're constantly exposed to a storm of bomb shells and smoke, it'll affect your mind and your body becomes paralyzed
A gun is good. Unlike a sword or a knife, it doesn't leave the feeling of a person dying on your hands.

Page 28:
Do you mean to say they'll throw boys into that kind of place?
The Fullmetal Alchemist plunged into this world aware of the risk of being used as a human weapon
Adult or child, you can't make an exception
That is just your public stance
No one wishes for that kind of world
So despite being a soldier, you'll deny the national pride of the military
I do not deny it. I simply want this power to be a power that will protect the weak people of this country.

Page 29:
After experiencing that civil war, perhaps this country is coming to a point where it must change.
And the one who can do that is a person who has known the pain of the battlefield and yet can calmly aim for the top, Colonel Mustang.
Now what are you talking about?
....I've said a bit too much.
Excuse me.

Page 30:
Did you let the brothers know of Hughes's death?
I could not say it.
They must be told someday.

Page 31:
The 5th Laboratory and the Philosopher's Stone. The ingredients of the Stone are living humans.
His personality was too obliging.
He stuck his head in what the Elric brothers were investigating and learned of something he didn't need to I wrong?
If they learn that Hughes died because of his connection to them, the brothers will be
You're a good man.
...I see you've looked into quite a bit.
"Mou hitoiki da" [Not sure how to translate this... o_o; 'Just one more breath'? 'I'm taking a breather'? I guess I'll call mom in the morning to ask her...]

Page 32:
Please be careful. We do not know who may be listening at any time.
Colonel Mustang is sniffing around the business with Hughes?
It seems he's suddenly started moving around recently
I wonder if he grasped some definite information?

Page 33:
[already finished w00t!]

Page 34:
Whether it's his nature or he's just clever about it...
Either way, I can't get a grip on him
I'll try collecting information again today. Let's go, Gluttony.
Hey Gluttony!
Don't go leaving a mess, jeez!
Hey Lust
It'd be fine if the Flame Colonel is obedient, right?

Page 35:
Do you feel like playing another hand besides your intelligence network?
...You have something?
A noisy dog has to be given it's feed

Page 36:
Second Lieutenant Maria Ross
I am Henry Douglas from the Military Police Headquarters there something I...
We'll have you come with us
Your gun

Page 37:
Could you please explain what this is all about?
Your name is rising in importance in the murder case of Maes Hughes
I'll hear your excuses later

Page 38:
Do not resist.
Could you wrap those flowers for me? With a ribbon attached
Oh my, is this a date, you lady-killer?
I'll give you one more as extra!

Page 39:
Sorry I'm late

Page 40-41:
Were you waiting?
No, I just got here.
I've been wanting to see you, Jean.
Please let me hear your interesting stories again
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