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Yay manga!

So I got Volume 12 today. :D (Thanks again Kirsten~) I loves it, it's all black and gold and green and shiny~ And it has Ed, which makes it a lephrechaun! It even has a new manga smell (and Mei on the spine~)!
And of course I read it over again. Some things I noticed:

-Ohhhh shit. I agree with tobu_ishi now, Bradley talking with Winry there really isn't looking too good.... o__o; Just...the things he says is dripping with bad omens...

-I think it's very likely that Pride is going to be someone we haven't met yet. What I mean far, the one person who I've been suspecting the most of possibly being Pride is Storch, because he's had so many cameos before we were even introduced to him (he was there for Ed's State Alchemist exam, was at Hughes's funeral, was by Bradley's side at Southern HQ).

But with the way Pride talks in Japanese, now I very much doubt it. Storch doesn't talk like that, and if he did he'd sound oddly...effeminate. I mean Pride said "Nandesutte?!" which I really can't imagine someone saying unless they were 1)female, or 2)a young male with very formal speech patterns. Also, in the tankoubon the images are a lot clearer, so I can see the silhouette of Pride better. The shape of his/her face....yeah, that looks like a young man to me.

Also, there's no way that he's Hohenheim either. Nevermind whether he can reproduce/use alchemy or not, in Chapter 46 Hohenheim was already traveling in the mountains, while Pride is still in Central City in Chapter 49!! So I think the reason why Arakawa is keeping him hidden is just to make the fans speculate, and for the mystery factor, not because he's someone we already know. I mean she's doing the same thing with Sloth, and from what we saw of him Sloth obviously isn't someone we already know either.

-I love little details. Like how a moth is flying toward the light and then gets caught in a spiderweb while Wrath and Pride are talking. It seems so symbolic...

-Okay, I may have asked this before, but who cooks Marcoh's meals??? Now I have an image of Father wearing a pink apron and baking cookies stuck in my head...

-I'm still not really sure how Ling got that shirt and jacket. Knox was using his jacket as a blanket for Ran Fan, Hawkeye was wearing a white jacket, and Roy is still wearing his. So possibly Roy had some spare clothes? After all, he was in his military uniform just before we saw him picking up Ed and Al, and the clothes Ling has now are almost identical to the ones Roy is wearing...

-It's so ironic that this volume is 70% action, with blood and sweat and explosions everywhere, and even the title page is a morbid image of Wrath holding Ran Fan's arm...yet still no one dies. (God, I bet the spine for Volume 13 is going to be freaky, all those chimeras floating up to heaven...)

-Ling got that cut on his cheek while swordfighting with Wrath. Damn you....DAMN YOU!!! XO

Oh yeah, that illustration of Ran Fan at the end? LOVE IT. ♥ She looks so cool and pretty~~~ ;__;
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