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So today I had my last final. I finished it only about 15 minutes ago, actually. I like History, but the exams are so tedious because you have to write the whole thing out. :/ And I totally forgot who Jan van Eyck was. I did have some fun writing one of the essays though, in which I had to compare my chances of dying an unfortunate death as a peasant in either China or Europe.
I'm a bit confused though...I got back my History paper, which I honestly think is a piece of crap, and I got an A-. But...all I did was point out the obvious. O.o Am I supposed to feel accomplished about this...?

In other news, my text books for the next semester cost over $200. T___T I probably don't have much left in my bank account now, there goes my birthday money... All I want for Christmas are gift cards, dammit! GIFT CARDS!
Though I have to admit it's nice flipping through a new math book and thinking 'Hey, I recognize this! :D' I already covered a lot of this stuff in my Senior year of high school so hopefully I'll do alright....
And the books I have for Anthropology look fascinating. 8D

Oh yeah, mom called and apparently I'M GOING HOME TONIGHT! WOOHOO!
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