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Hahaha I think I'm going to spam because I haven't been posting much lately

God, I hate English class. So much. Do I have what it takes to be an English major, really?? I need to take a Creative Writing course or something next year so I could be confident in my writing abilities again, because right now I feel like they are crap.

I wish I could get inspired for Nelly again, too...that story is such a good idea, I mean I like it more than my Aqua Tears one, and it's just waiting to be written out...

Oh yeah, didn't bother with the Literary Magazine submission thing. I had like four days and no idea to work with, so yeah, I'll try next semester/year/whatever.

Right now my classes are thus:

Ancient Philosophy- Doing very good, I just need to pass the final and I'll have an A.
Biology- MUST do good on final.
English- ......mustdobetternowwwwww.
History- Need to do well on the second paper and pass the final, otherwise I'm confident I'll at least pass with a B.

And I'm coming back home tomorrow. Found out the guy taking me to the train station is named Daniel. And I am lending him some of my anime. Whee.
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