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*sigh*...I am getting SO behind on my fandom. T__T;

And whenever I come up with something to post, I'm not able to. So... *insert several posts here* I'm too tired to remember and type them all out at the moment.

I had a very weird dream last night. Not getting into details, but upon reflection it tells me that I am really looking forward to visiting Japan again, that I'm also looking forward to the anime marathon this Saturday, that I'm a history geek even while I'm dreaming, and that I have no idea how youkan is really made.

Today will be busy with me making up several English assignments to be turned in tomorrow afternoon. Tommorrow will be busy with me making up other school assignments to be turned in as soon as possible. Saturday, will be gone all day for marathon. Sunday, more working on school stuff. Monday, the same. Tuesday, last day before Thanksgiving break. Wednesday, campus and dorms will close at noon, need to get to train station early in the morning.

And that's about it.

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