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I don't know where they're holding the club now. o_o;; So this would be the fourth meeting that I will miss. *headsmack*

Anyway. So there's these two huge blocks of lawn in front of my dorms, right? Most of the students (including me) tend to walk right across the grass of the second block in order to get to class, because it's much easier and faster than to walk all the way around it. There's a path worn out from all the people walking on it, and the gardeners or whoever keep putting more grass seeds on there, even though eventually they're all trampled by the students' feet again. Personally, I think it would just make more sense to make it into a brick path like the one we already have separating the two lawns. But nooo, this morning we discover that the lawn has been roped off with "No walking on the grass" signs. *sigh* Most people followed this, but I still saw a few walking on there anyway, so who knows how long it'll last...

Today in English, the professor had to leave the room for about half an hour so we could fill out a survey about the class. Afterwards, everyone started having a debate on drugs (because the articles we've been discussing recently is about drug control), and it turns out that quite a few people had...erm...experience. Like apparently, one of my former suitemates, Amanda, smokes marijuana. And Marie takes ecstasy. Which promptly everyone in the room criticised her for, and she tried defending herself, very poorly. The general opinion was that marijuana isn't that bad, but ecstasy is just stupid and suicidal. (And frankly, I think that explains some things about her. She thought Denver was a State!!!!)

Some...interesting...quotes from this debate:

Amanda: People who say that you get in accidents while taking drugs don't know anything, that never happens, seriously. I do it all the time!!
Me: *fear of driving increases*
Christine: One of my friends died that way when he was high.
Amanda: Well, then your friend was stupid. And didn't know how to drive.

Thus, Amanda loses 100 respect points from me. It's funny though, there's this guy in my class that I absolutely couldn't stand at the beginning of the semester, but recently I've become to gain more respect for him. Usually at the end of a school year, I end up being fond of most of my fellow students, just because I've been observing them for a while. I guess it's kind of the same thing. He's definetly not the type of person I'd be friends with (he hangs with Marie's crowd), but now I can at least acknowledge that he has the intellect to be in college, even if he doesn't show it often.

I went to get dinner around 5:30. Nothing unusual about this, other than that I became hungry earlier than usual considering I ate a big breakfast (leftovers from IHOP mmmm). But anyway, the point is that everything was normal until I accidentally dropped my tray- clatter, crash, a plate is broken and I have stew and macaroni spilled all over my pants. I just stand there for a few seconds silently cursing myself, mortified. The cafeteria people tell me that it's okay, tell me I can get another tray, call me "dear", ask if I'm alright, and they start cleaning it up. I apologize multiple times, get more food, sit down to clean my pants, and I can't help but wonder...why is it that people still tend to treat me like a child? In college? Do I just seem that innocent and naive in real life? Is it because I'm quiet? I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, or that they were looking down on me (I like the people who work there, I think they're nice and hardworking), but it just makes me wonder...

And um...okay, last thing. I got a call from IT services between classes this afternoon. Apparently I can't bring my laptop to them to look at, and only get instructions over the phone. Just great. I explained the current circumstances with my laptop, and they give me some advice on how to maybe get it running faster, etc. I haven't had time to try it yet, but I will tonight once I get back to my room. And also, if the problem is because of any hardware failure, they said I could report it to the manufacturer to get some things replaced...
I dunno, I just want it to be working again... :/
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