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I have 20 minutes before I go off to Japanese Club (for the first time in three weeks, oh crap), let's see if I can write a big RL post before then. And I have quite a bit to write about today... o_o

But first: I want to download this. ;__; Would anyone be kind enough to send it to me tonight...? I want to see Hans!!

Second, I'm afraid the Bi-Weekly Anime Theater will have to be put on hold until I am able to at least watch video files, let alone get them on yousendit. Which sucks, because I was supposed to have finished uploading Kino no Tabi yesterday...

And I find it ironic that my limited access to the internet is helping me to get inspired for Mugenjou!Winry again. XD;

...Okay, looks like I won't have time for a RL post right now afterall. Maybe later. Also, Note to Self: Deadline for Currents submissions is on Nov. 22nd! Must try coming up with a short story idea within the next few days if I want to make it in...

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