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Page 47/47 COMPLETE!

Page 1:
Text- The light they found in the deep darkness is...?!
This is just a temporary repair
Yeah, but it helps a lot
Is it true we can get out of here?
Look at this
It's a part of the Xerxes ruins

Page 2-3:
Chapter 53- The Soul's Guide
If this is inside Gluttony's stomach...
that means you were destroying evidence?
I'm beginning to understand just what you bastards did at Xerxes
Right, Envy?!
Text- If you turn around, there is a bright day

Page 4:
I don't remember my real parents or their faces or their names...or even my own name
No...I may have been thrown away or sold before I was even given a name
Just that for as long as I could remember, I had been watched over by people in white robes
Who will be the one to stand and carry this country?
Will it be you? *****

'Fuhrer Candidate'
That was what substituted for my name
We Fuhrer Candidates were gathered into one place and trained in various ways

Page 5:
Fencing, martial arts, militaristic fighting
Or studying leadership skills and anthropology...
Each believing that he would be the one to operate this country, we endured all kinds of training
Soon, when we were at the age when we could perform martial arts along with physical and mental strength...
This one's no good either
The next one is '*****'

Page 6:
Bring him in.
Lay down here.
Um, is this...

Page 7:
What are you going to do?!
Those corpses...
See here, isn't this wonderful?
It's the Philosopher's Stone
This is your first time seeing it, isn't it?
You are the 12th one
Will you be the one to accept my 'Wrath'?
Or will it be someone else yet again?

Page 8:
The Philosopher's Stone is a substance composed of the energy from countless peoples' souls
If it's put into the blood of a flesh-and-blood human, it will struggle with the body's rejection; it will try to take over that body
The other Fuhrer Candidates' flesh-and-blood bodies were destroyed and they died a cruel death
I fought with the Philosopher's Stone within me, writhing and wandering on the verge of death
My body repeatedly went through the deconstruction and reconstruction caused by the Stone
Whether my body would completely die or whether the Philosopher's Stone would overcome...
The end of hell had to be one or the other
Before long--

Page 9:
We've witnessed the great moment of our era!
A new humanity has been born to us!
Congratulations! You've been chosen!
As the leader who will
[something something] this country to the next [something]!! [GAH, can't read the kanji OR furigana here, help!!]
Now, there's nothing to worry about!
You can just leave everything to this man!
He'll have everything, your
[something] and money and family and friends, all ready for you!
That's right! We have to give you a name appropriate for the leader of this country!
King Bradley!

Though the left eye of the nameless experiment rotted away, I acquired abilities far above humans and succeeded in preserving my body

Page 10:
Leaving just one soul and the feeling of 'Wrath'
However, whether that one soul that remains here belongs to someone who was made into the Philosopher's Stone...
...or whether it's the one that was formerly mine...I don't know.
If you say that you were once a human...

Page 11:
Can't you live as a human instead of as a homunculus?
Your Excellency
Are you telling me to become human again?
That's impossible. We are different from you.
This eye and this body's abilities has transcended humans.
We are a kind that surpasses you who were created with purpose
Just like you humans have pride in being humans, we also have pride in being homunculi

Page 12:
That woman, too...didn't she die still possessing that pride?

Page 13:
We've come to such a creepy place...
Faaather! The human sacrifice!
I brought the human sacrifice!
That's fast! I'm not ready yet...
Who are you?

Page 14:

Page 15:
I've gathered all the ones around here.
This is all from the Xerxes ruins?
It's from a mural that was in the temple of the ruins
(When I first saw this, I thought it was similar to the Philosopher's Stone transmutation circle in the basement of the 5th Laboratory.)
(But it's different.)

Page 16:
(The sun is the 'soul.')
(The moon is an alchemical symbol for the 'mind.')
(The symbol for the 'body' is a stone...then this mural itself is...)
Hey hey, what are you becoming silent for?
Well, the entire image on this wall
It's an array for human transmutation
Furthermore, the purpose in making this array
is to give birth to a 'ordinary human'
...and then it came to me.

Page 17:
What if you remake a living human with human transmutation?
It's impossible to perform human transmutation on a dead human.
If you transmute something that doesn't exist, even if you pay a price, in the end it isn't allowed to take the correct shape of a person.
But if it's a human that's still alive...
What if I were to transmute myself?
You remake something that's already there?
Right. It's like if you transmute water into water, or iron into iron.
And this is 'human transmutation.'
There's a high possibility that the Doors will open.

Page 18:
If you say that Gluttony is the fake Doors, maybe if we pass through the real Doors we can come out?
I'll open the Doors.
You two will jump in.
What'll happen if you mess up?
A Rebound.
A failed transmutation will rebound everything on the user.
In this case, that would
I'm an amateur when it comes to alchemy.
I'll leave everything to you.
So. Envy, there's something I want to ask you before we get out of here.

Page 19:
The mural I saw at Xerxes.
It looks roughly like this.
What was drawn over the two dragons are characters that reveal God, but flipped over
Upside down...that is, to throw God to the earth.
To do it with one's own hands.
The result is the male and female dragons intermingling.
Hermaphroditism is the representation of alchemy that indicates a "perfect existance."

Page 20:
Throw God to the earth?
They sure think of outrageous things for being human
It'd be great if they were just thinking it
The problem is...
The picture of the lion swallowing the sun.
That's a symbol indicating the Philosopher's Stone.
The ingredients of the Philosopher's Stone are living humans...right, Envy?
That's right.
To be precise, it's an extract of the souls from living humans, condensed into a physical form of energy.
The mind and body are no more than leftover scum.
I've gone to the Xerxes ruins before, but I couldn't imagine that a country possessing that much skill could be destroyed in one night
And there's no stories of them emigrating to foreign countries

Page 21:
You all...
You turned the entire population of Xerxes
into the Philosopher's Stone, didn't you?
Who was the one who performed human transmutation on himself?
Who in that moment dragged in all the citizens, and who put the added value that is a giant Philosopher's Stone inside you bastards
Who's the one who tried to become something that surprasses God?!
Is it the one you call 'Father'?!

Page 22:
He's secretly maneuvering you homunculi
and planning to repeat the destruction of Xerxes in this country, isn't he?
I'll tell you if we can get out of here.
Let's stop talking in a roundabout way, Fullmetal Alchemist.
What you want now is this, right?

Page 23:
They say that to pass through the Doors you need a passage fee
Use it
Come on
Let's hurry up and return to the former world
Help me
Don't look at me
Give me your body
These are all
the people of Xerxes, aren't they?
What are you hesitating about now? They said you fought with Greed in the South
You beat him quite a bit, didn't you?
You realize now, don't you? The regeneration then also used the energy of the Stone.

Page 24:
They don't need any sympathy
So your little brother exists only as a soul now, eh?
You want to see him as a human, so that's why you want to think of these guys as human too?
Those emotions are child's play
To be given sympathy by you inferior creatures digusts me!!
These people don't have bodies anymore?
Their minds and bodies have already rotted away in Xerxes a long time ago
Don't look
It hurts
[ know what? I'm just going to leave the rest of this tumor-people talk to Kirsten -__-;]
They've lost bodies to return to and now they've even forgotten what they used to look like
What's left just exists as energy to be consumed.

Page 25:
You should define humans with reason, not emotion, alchemist
These guys don't have anything to return to that can be called human
If something were to happen to me, could you tell everyone outside that these guys are planning on doing something horrible with this country?
EH~~~~~~? But Amestris isn't my country!
Like I care about what happens in the future~~~
Why you...

Page 26:
This country is where people who are waiting and are important to you are, right?
No matter what it takes, you have to get out of here and tell them yourself
I'm sorry
I'll have to use you
Here we go...
(Ahh, that pose where he brings his hands together to transmute...)
(I thought it looked similar to something...)

Page 27:
It's almost as if he's praying to God.
Long time no see.

Page 28:
To think I'd open you again in this shape
Ling! Jump in!!
...I'm trusting you, alchemist!
(It's the same feeling as when I was swallowed by Gluttony...)

Page 29:
Thank you
Thank you

Page 30:
(The body and soul are connected by the mind)
(A part of my body is in front of the Doors of Truth)

Page 31:
(In that case, any unneccessary struggling is useless!)
(Use the mind as a guide...entrust everything to the mind and along with the flow...)
(To the Doors!)
So you've come to take back your body?

Page 32:
Augh, ouch...
I'm here...
Why are there two sets of doors?

Page 36:
(That's it...though I built a theory that Al and I's minds were connected...)
(Then that means there was a possibility that I could arrive on Al's side too!!)

Page 37:
Come here!!
I can't
You're not my soul

Page 38:
I can't come with you
Someday...I'll come get you no matter what!!

Page 39:
Wait there...!!

Page 40:
*insert scream here*

Page 41-42:
Envy?! That?!

Page 43:
With the armor...
...then that means
We've come back.

Page 44:
You're hurt!! There's blood!!
It's okay, it's not my blood.
I've broken some bones but there's nothing to worry about.
Owowowow!! The armor edges!! Rubbing against me!! Gyaaahhh!! I'm going to break!!
Thank goodness!! You're okay!! Brother Brother Brother!!
Jeez, you're overreacting!! You worry too much!!
Bro...thank're alive...

Page 45:
You're alive...

(That's right...)
(I already know the fear and despair of losing family and being left alone...)
I made you worry.

Page 46:
You're right.
It must have been scary.
It must have been hard.
I'm sorry.
...On the other hand, what is this place?
It's it underground?
Is it...night...

Page 47:
Now this is a surprise.
Text- Is this man the wire-puller who created the homunculi?!

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