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Return of I am teh suck.

I am feeling very very very very lazy today. Which is not a good thing, because there are a LOT of things I need to get done. I woke up several hours early so I could do those things, but I ended up not being able to because of lack of concentration. And tonight, I'm skipping East Asian club again, after not attending for the past two weeks, because theoretically, I need to get those previous things done, but really it's because I'm just feeling that lazy.

There's also a pizza party for my side of the hall tonight, but I'm not going because they won it through the hall-decorating contest, and I took no part in that. It wouldn't feel right eating food that was earned through other peoples' hard work. >.o

Ugh...I'm feeling so lazy that I don't feel like going to dinner or taking a shower, even though I'm hungry and feel dirty. >.< This is very bad. I need to be productive. Something needs to happen like...I dunno, I wish Chapter 53 would just come out already so I could get that off my mind. And the weather needs to stop being sunny and warm in the afternoon and turning bitterly cold in the evening, it's getting annoying.

And...oh what the hell, I'm going to dinner. >/

EDIT: Note to self- I cannot afford to miss another English class. That's it. NO MORE. And no more getting sick either, at least not this semester. Must take precautions...

EDIT 2: I should probably just quit Epithmo already....*sigh*...
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