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My schedule for Spring semester SUCKS. I had to wake up early today to register for my classes and all the good times were taken. :( And all of the Biology lab classes were closed, so I had to choose another lecture class. :((( AND I ONLY HAVE HISTORY ONCE A WEEK WTF.

11-11:50 AM World Literature I
2-2:50 PM College Algebra
4-5:15 PM Biology II

1-2:15 PM Anthropology
7-9:45 PM World History II

same as Monday

1-2:15 PM Anthropology

11-11:50 AM World Literature I
2-2:50 PM College Algebra least I'll still have free time on Tuesdays and Thursdays...

EDIT: Oh...crap. Chapter 53 better not come out next Saturday because that's when I'm going to the ALL DAY anime marathon. O.O
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