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My day so far

Good News: My cough is getting better!! :DD And my voice is slowwwly coming back.

Bad News: I got another nosebleed and my period has begun. Cramping and lightheadedness ensues. x.x

Good News: Weather is WONDERFUL. I haven't had to wear a sweater today and I can finally enjoy the autumn atmosphere.

Bad News: Still not doing anything for Halloween. :/

Good News: My English professor was sympathetic again and is allowing me to make up all my missed work by tomorrow afternoon.

Bad News: This means I'll be staying up all night doing homework.

I don't know whether I'll go to club tonight...I missed last meeting, and without me the club only has a few regular members (I don't want them to shut down just because I don't come! O_o;;). And in the end, I'm only there to practice my writing. But there's also the issue of the homework...

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