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See, told you, I've been writing today!! Well...mostly fanfiction, because it's hard to find inspiration for my own stories when I'm isolated in a room all day long. :( Tomorrow it seems it'll be a little warmer, so I'll be walking around outside and food shopping, so maybe I can work on Nelly after that. Speaking of which, it's been a whole week of 50 degree weather! I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE SOUTH, WHY IS IT SO COLD?! It's only the end of October and I already feel like I need gloves! T__T

Anyway. I finally wrote that second Amestris-verse drabble. I also wrote a bunch of Al/Mei, which I will be posting in various places after revision tomorrow. But now, continuation of the Double!Ed series~

On the Road

To the farmer, they seemed a normal, happy couple. If there were anything strange at all, it would be the young woman's dark skin and pink hair, partially hidden under the hood of her cloak. But she gave him a warm, open smile, and her husband casually wound his arm around her waist. Completely normal, blissfully happy.

He gave them the directions they needed and went on his way, their wagons passing by quietly.


"Thank god that's over," Envy sighed, recoiling his arm from Dante's waist. "Can I change back now?"

"No, you may not," she answered briskly. "We don't know if there will be any more passerby."

"Whatever." Handing the reins back to Dante, Envy turned in his seat to peer into the shady part of the wagon hidden by the tarp. "How's it going back there-- HEY! That kid is playing with the Philosopher's Stone again! Let go of that!! Gluttony, you're supposed to watch over him!"

"Can I eat him?"

"No, you may not. And Envy, leave him be."

"What? But..."

Dante smiled, in a completely not-innocent way that marred her host's charming face. "He's only a toddler, he can do anything with it. Besides, the boy doesn't even know alchemy..."


The wagon continued moving on down the road, holding unlimited power, immortality, and the naive curiosity of a little brown-skinned boy.
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