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Truth or Dare Drabble #2

I'll try getting the other dare stuff done tomorrow. But now...

The World

It wasn't easy being a stunted panda.

Constantly, there was the danger of being stepped on or run over or eaten by wild animals. She must always stay close, right by Mei's side, senses alert, teeth bared. Trust few, bite many. That was the way to survive.

And yet, if she thought the world was large in Xing, then she had much to learn once trekking the desert, and then entering the new country. Now, she knew. The world was a very big place and Xiao Mei was a very small panda. Stick close, even closer. Trust few, bite many. She would survive.

Then quite suddenly, after a few chaotic moments and traumatic encounters, Xiao Mei found herself sitting in a new world. A world that was hollow, metallic, dark, echoing with a disembodied voice. And much, much smaller.

For some reason, she felt safer.
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