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Went to Bed, Bath & Beyond today. And you know what I did? I FANGIRLED over a spice rack!!! WTF? When did "research" turn into obsession? Now that's just crossing the line. And the worst part is that I COULDN'T EVEN BUY THE DAMN THING. *cry*
But I did get a cool carpet. :D

In other news, FMA episodes 43 and 44...YAY HOHENHEIM!!! Daddy comes home! :D :D :D And Ed and Al's reactions are interesting...though there wasn't as much angst as I would have liked. But I guess there's no time with so much plot going on as FINALLY the characters are coming together and sharing their valuable pieces of information- and coming to conclusions!!! Woah! Lyla and Dante! I was totally wrong in that respect, though I was beginning to suspect things. But anyway, big surprises and Ed digging up graves. What could be better? :D

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT CAN BE BETTER! Edward Elric, age 18!
Must find a bucket for my drool...

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