Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

So I finally decide to delurk on the Pit again...

CSakuraS: >__<
CSakuraS: doesn't have any of the Xing characters in the Character category
Japan 44gou: D:
Japan 44gou: Ironically, isn't the founder of named Xing?
CSakuraS: so great, I'm trying to upload a story ABOUT Ling, and I can't even list him as one of the characters
CSakuraS: I dunno... o.o
Japan 44gou: XDD
CSakuraS: for crying out loud, they have HAKURO on there and not LING?!
Japan 44gou: WHAT???
Japan 44gou: *goes to see*
Japan 44gou: No one.
Japan 44gou: Hakura is just THERE.
Japan 44gou: *Hakuro
Japan 44gou: You should definitely contact whoever and tell them to put the Xing characters in there or else you'll stab them with a spoon.
CSakuraS: XD maybe I will
Tags: fanfiction

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