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More talk of sickness and school

It seems today will be a battle of trying to get sleep at every opportunity and finding that there are none.

I didn't go to the movie thing last night afterall. I think I may have done decent on the History midterm, but not sure cuz I can't remember things too clearly right now. So instead I stayed in the room studying Biology with a bad fever (which might be why I don't remember any of the studying either) and then went to bed early.

This morning I woke up at 8 AM and had no fever. Yay! But after staying awake for about an hour my ears were ringing so I went to bed again for two more hours, after which I felt MUCH better and my throat didn't hurt as much. Double yay!

And then I had to walk outside in the cold wind to get to and from Ancient Philosophy, during which I began feeling dizzy and tired, and now here I am wondering what the hell I'm going to do for English. And I have my biology midterm in three hours.

Gawd, I just want to lie in bed all day instead...

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