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On second thought, I'm skipping club too. It's like a friggin hurricane outside, with giant puddles forming all over campus and strong wind, I don't want to go outside anymore than I have to. Which is for dinner, and that's it.

Just one hour of sleep went a long way, though. At least my throat doesn't hurt as much. Right now I'm drinking the last of my grapefruit juice. I should go to bed earlier, too. I have half a day tomorrow to study for my midterm. (Ugghh, I have my other Biology midterm on Wednesday too...)

...Randomly, I've found that I can draw the Xing characters better than anyone else in FMA. Well, restored!Al, too. It's a pity I can't draw armor!Al without turning him into a demented robot...

EDIT: Oh yeah, I got 90% on my quiz in Biology today. Woot.

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