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something I forgot to mention

Kino's Journey is possibly the first anime my dad has ever been close to being interested in. I'm not mentioning Princess Mononoke, because though he said some nice things afterward, I had to force him to watch it.
But today, in between hitting pool balls and eating peanuts, he came and sat beside me and watched some willingly. It was kinda nice. He laughed at some bits, and shockingly, seemed to be keeping up with what little storyline there is in the whole series. During episode four, he said to me, "But wasn't there another girl named Kino who had a...whatsit named Hermes?"
It's a shame he didn't watch until the very end. I might have been able to turn him into somewhat of a fan. But he did say something very...interesting about the opening song.
"That sounds just like Avril Lavigne. Maybe they copied the song from her."
Kino's Journey copying Avril Lavigne? ....WTF. (And NO, they sound nothing alike!)

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