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me = social retard

So my mom hired these cleaners to come tidy up the house during the afternoon. Of course, I'm the only one here, so I had to show them where the cleaning supplies and paper towels are.
But it turns out one of the cleaners is this girl only a couple years younger than me, which at once made me feel rotten and guilty. I mean, here I am sitting around the house all day doing whatever I want, and this girl is out working with her mom in a stranger's house. I didn't really know what to do, other than stay out of their way while they do their job.
At first I try to start on my summer reading, but I can't concentrate. So I figure, hey, the kitchen is looking pretty nasty, and that's like one of the few places they're not hired to clean. So I decide to empty the dish washer and wash some dishes, which made me feel better since now it's not like I'm just sitting back and watching them work.
By the time I ran out of dishes to wash, they were almost done. So I get the mail and look through a magazine upstairs while they finish up. Then I give them the check my mom left, and a two dollar tip (because that's all the cash I have left -_-). And now I feel better and get back on the computer.
But they don't leave. They're sitting at the front door now. I guess they're waiting for their ride to come pick them up or something. Now I'm feeling even more awkward. At least it's not hot outside today. What the hell am I supposed to do now?
I want a fudgesicle. I go get one, then figure what the hell, why not give them some. So now they're down there eating their fudgesicles, and I'm up here eating my fudgesicle. So...awkward. Very awkward. Umm, now what?

Okay, their ride is here. With a quick exchange of thank-you's, they leave. That was rather interesting. I do believe that was the first time I ever felt glad for having only one TV in the house.

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