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amurderofcrows: Kino no Tabi Episode 7 It took me forever to upload. x___x

Hmm...I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. It's probably best if I go talk with my Statistics professor before class, and then I should set up an appointment with my academic advisor... And then *cough*Historypaper*cough* there's this documentary thing shown in the evening that counts as extra credit for both English AND Biology, both classes in which extra credit will really be I guess I'll take up Tina's offer to go see it with her.

Let's see, what else...oh, right. Like I mentioned before, I can't go to History club now because it's during my Ancient Philosophy class. The club is hosting a field trip though.....but it's this Saturday, and Dad, Loanny, Rachel, and grandma are coming to visit me on that day. So I can't go. The club is also showing movies too, but they're all during East Asian Club and/or Anime Club. So basically, I've only gone to one informational meeting so far, and nothing else. Goddammit, it's like they don't want me to participate!!

This weekend I also plan on doing some writing, because it's been a while and I'd REALLY like to get Chapter 4 of Nelly done before November!! I mean JEEZ! But it's autumn and it's beautiful outside so it shouldn't be too hard to get inspired, I hope~

Next weekend I'm going to Nekocon. I believe some of the VA's from the FMA dub will be there...but mostly I just want to buy merchandise. *o*

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