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Anime stuffs

Today I spent basically the whole day at an anime marathon with the club. We watched Ninja Scroll, Advent Children, Bleach, Petite Cossette, Tsukikage Ran, and I brought Yakitate Japan. It actually took a lot of convincing for me to get Yakitate Japan shown, because no one at the club had heard of it before and they were all clamouring for other stuff, but Corey (the club president) said he'd give it a try because we needed some light-hearted randomness after the angsty bloodbath that was Petite Cossette. :) And lo and behold, it was a hit!! There was much laughing, "Wtf is this?! XD" reactions, and everyone kept asking to watch more. It made me happy. ^_____^

Choose a fandom, and make five confessions that might surprise your friends in the same fandom, or things you've just never mentioned before.

The fandom I choose is Fullmetal Alchemist, naturally.

1. I don't find Roy attractive. I love him as a character, and I understand why people see him as attractive, but he just doesn't turn me on for some reason. More often I find myself thinking "ooh, cool character moment!" when other people are going "SQUEEEE HE'S SO HOT" and I'm just like...meh.

2. I can see Roy/Riza, but I can't imagine it. Okay, maybe that's a bit confusing... Basically, I do think it is canon, at least in the manga, but whenever I attempt to write fanfic for them (and I have tried), I find it really difficult. Mostly because I don't know the basis for their relationship. Why is Hawkeye so devoted to him? How did they meet? How did their relationship develop into the one we see now? They have such a degree of trust, there must be something behind it...which is one reason why I am so eagerly awaiting Arakawa flashing back to Ishbal soon. Also, though I do think they love each other, I'm not sure if it would extend into a physical relationship...nowhere in canon do I see any hints of sexual attraction. Just loyalty, love, and companionship.

3. Ditto for Ling/Ran Fan. ^^; At least, I find it hard to write from Ling's perspective. Ran Fan is pretty easy to understand, but I have no idea where Ling is coming from when it comes to these two as a couple...

4. I prefer Al in his armor body rather than his real one. This makes me feel kinda guilty, because I know Al himself prefers having his own body. Maybe it stems from the fact that manga!Al kicks all kinds of ass, while I still utterly despise cosplay!Al. Though it's very likely that manga!Al in his real body would be just as awesome, we haven't seen much of that yet. And even then, I'd miss the armor. ♥

5. I'm not into Scar/Al now as much as I was initially. Probably because in most of the fanworks, there's a severe lack of the kind of interaction established in the anime that made me like it in the first place. I actually think smut for them is rather ick. And I can't see it happening in the manga at all; the pairing works when it involves anime!Al, because in my opinion, he's more inclined toward that kind of relationship than manga!Al.
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