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Last day of Creative Writing class! Wrote my query letter, and sent it in with Chap. 1 of my Nelly story. I decided to make the working title "The Miracle Potion" because I can't come up with anything else (and I can't just keep calling it 'my Nelly story'). Now that I have that out of the way, it takes away a lot of stress, so thank goodness.
My Ne- my Miracle Potion chapter was critiqued today in class, and I'm pretty happy with the response. Not many complaints; everyone seemed to like it. The same crap about 'to be' verbs (which I have now fixed), and that the flying carpet "isn't original."
Well, I had to explain again why nothing else would fit. The Arabian influence becomes really important later on. And can you believe it, Mr. Bausch suggested I change it to a couch! AGAIN! What is it with people and couches?!
And there was this girl in the class who liked it so much she gave me her e-mail address so I could send her more. ^_^ Whee, I got another fan!
*Ego meter rises five levels*
And Mr. Bausch (I can't get used to calling him Bob, I'm sorry) said it was better written than the Harry Potter books. This kinda shocked me. It seems he's not a big fan of the books, because they supposedly "don't make you think while reading." And yeah, I guess I can agree that J.K.'s writing style isn't the best I've seen, but it's hilarious, and I love how she builds plots and characters (just brilliant!). So I can't quite agree with that. If I ever become as successful as her (*snort*), then I'll think about it.

Oh yeah, it seems that the class for Fall semester is all full. Shoot. But there's always the Spring semester...

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