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Another life-slap in the face

School-wise, today was an utter disaster. So I've come up with a list of things to do to improve my grades...

English: Catch up on Writer's Workbooks and write assessment statement (note to self: ask Tina because my assignment calendar was in my binder which I've given up on finding now...)

Biology: Improve quiz/test grades, study and read textbook more

Statistics: Possibly drop. Go talk to professor sometime tomorrow...also call mom so she can bitch at me.

History: HISTORY PAPER AGH. I suck...I'm such a coward. How can I expect to be a History major if I can't even do one paper?! If I can't come up with anything by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to have to talk to my History professor too. Dammit, this is 10% of my grade! I'm trying to aim for an A in this class- so far I've gotten 100% on my first midterm and two quizzes; I got 3 1/2 (out of 5 points) on my latest quiz (because I didn't realize it was on Mesoamerica too, I only studied for Rome...) The lowest quiz grade gets dropped, so I'm going to try getting 100 on the remaining three quizzes, the other midterm, the final exam, and the second paper...

Ancient Philosophy: I'm doing very well in this class at the moment, so I just have to make sure I wake up on time to attend classes, take notes, and there's the Second Interpretive Exercise on October 26...
Tags: college, i suck, life-slap

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