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Random stuff

-So, Ancient Philosophy class was cancelled again, because Professor is stuck in Boston. Last time it was due to death in the family. :( But this means I haven't had that class in almost a week now... O_o

-YAY for it being Autumn! I love wearing fall clothes and not coming back to my room drenched in sweat.

-Apparently no one in my English class knows what the homework for today is. :/ At least, everyone in my class that I talk to on AIM. I don't think the professor ever really told us, other than it being about this one article, and it's not listed in the assignment calendar...

-Today will be spent finishing my History paper!! >O And Anime Club...note to self, fill out Nekocon registration after Biology class.

-KYAHA! Look at this~

Taken from here. Heheh, デート~!

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