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Fandom post first

Argh I got an immunization shot this morning and it's just finally starting to hurt so I don't want to type too much because my arm is a little sore. Or maybe not. Most likely the pain is all in my imagination, but I can't help being scared of medicine and how my body functions and i accidentally scratched it a while ago oh god...

Oh wait, this was supposed to be a fandom post.

Look forward to me writing a lot on Al/Mei after this, like I did with Ed/Ling after Chapter 51 (oh man it hurts to press the shift key). Because that's the way I am, I spend the month of waiting fangirling all over again. The vicious fandom cycle, oh noes.
Oh yeah, Ed/Ling is still love too. Actually, I think I like Ed+Ling as friends better than them being in a relationship, after reading some yaoi fics (some excellent, some alarmingly OOC). But anyway, I loved their interaction in Chapter 52 too. Best friends, I'm telling you. Also expect a more in depth reaction from me on the chapter (or maybe I'll just post it to hagaren_manga, which has 108 members now, omgwtf!!)
Some more cool fandom things that i haven't had the time to take note of yet:
The people on my flist (who haven't posted this already) must read it regardless of whether they're familiar with either character. You simply must.
And also, this:

No, I am not cutting it. Unless someone yells at me. Marvel at its epic beauty. A month or so ago, Kirsten and I were speculating on the kinds of things we wanted on the new cover, and Arakawa managed to fit every one of them on there. LING ON THE FRONT COVER HELL YEAH.
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