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Chapter 52 Translation...

Pages 44/44 complete. DONE!

Page 1:
Take me to him!!
To where your Father is!!
(text: Al's decision!!)
You opened the Doors?
Yes, I opened them, I opened them!
If I take you Father will be happy?
He'll be happy, oh he'll be SO happy!

Page 2-3:
(text: What will appear there, an ogre or a serpent...?!)
Chapter 52: [King of the Den of Thieves]
Brigadier General Gran being killed by Scar makes us shorthanded, but it's also very lucky.

Page 4:
Because even if only by name, he was the one responsible for the 5th Laboratory
In case traces of human experiments are found, we can make him responsible for all of it
Does this mean we reelect the human sacrifice candidates too?
Presently, the confirmed ones are the Elric brothers
What about Doctor Marcoh? Pretty soon...
How about Kimbley?
He doesn't have the nerve required to open the Doors...
Will you have a drink?

Page 5:
No thank you.
It's not poisoned.
Why are you letting me live in these circumstances?
To make you understand your position.
....Since when?
Since when has the military hung its head to the Homunculi?
It's something that's been planned since the birth of this country.

Page 6:
Have you been watching our struggles and chuckling to yourself all this time...?
You hand that was shaking during Brigadier General Hughes's funeral service
So that was a lie...?!
Everyone makes too much of a fuss over just one soldier dying
Even though you should know that from the moment you put on your military uniform, the chances of that becoming your burial clothes are high
Brigadier General Hughes's child...what was her name...
Other than that time, there's never been anything so noisy during a funeral service
That angered me very much

Page 7:
You must also have a child
How dare you say such a thing...!!
A mean Selim?
...He's a well raised child
What will he do if he finds out the father he ought to admire is a Homunculus...
Is that a threat?
It's no use.
That cannot be my weakness

Page 8:
You should be worrying about yourself instead, Colonel Mustang
Your owner never came to pick you up, did she?

Page 9:
I wonder if First Lieutenant Hawkeye is okay.....
Did something happen...?
Sergeant Major Fuery!
What is it?
The personnel affairs department, they say

Page 10:
First Lieutenant Hawkeye!!
What's happened, Sergeant Major?
I heard that you'd be here First Lieutenant....but, what's happened yourself?! [that sounds a bit awkward, reword later]
The Colonel has been in the headquarters since last night and won't come out.
Hasn't he dispatched people to spread rumors?!
There's none.
[look over this later]
....First Lieutenant
The people from the personnel affairs department came to the barracks this morning

Page 11:
I've been ordered to serve at Southern Headquarters
What did you say?!
It's not just me
Second Lieutenant Breda is to Western Headquarters
And it seems it's been decided that Warrant Officer Falman will be posted at Northern Headquarters

Page 12:
Has anyone come to talk to you, First Lieutenant?!
I still haven't heard anything...
You're First Lieutenant Hawkeye? I'm Yakoburefu from the personnel affairs department [how do you romanize that name?! ...Kirsten, I'm leaving that to you!]
(Personnel affairs department...!!)
I am the Fuhrer's personal assistant, Shutoruhi [likewise, leaving that to Kirsten the great]
Take this

Page 13:
Is it a reassignment...order?
That's right
I will see it

Page 14:
This is...!!
What is this unbelievable assignment?!
You cannot refuse.
Where have you been thrown, First Lieutenant?
Starting tomorrow, First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye will be stationed at Central Headquarters...
(Central!! Good...)

Page 15: a personal assistant to the Fuhrer...!! how it is.
I'm sorry, Colonel Mustang.

Page 16:
Oh, this cat!
I remember it because it has such a rare pattern
Where did you see her?!
A large suit of armor was carrying it around yesterday evening
A large suit of armor?
I won't know with just that...
Nah, you don't see something that huge every day so you'll recognize it right away
It had this one horn right here, see?
AH!! Could it be that thing from yesterday?!
(text on 'Al': [can't read it well, leaving to Kirsten])
(text below 'Ed': Some small thing that was there)
(text next to Mei: Why that...!!)
What? A large armor?
I saw it around that factory over there a while ago
Did you hear that, little girl?

Page 17:
How dare it kidnap Xiao Mei......
I shall not forgive that armor!!
There's no mistake! It is that armor!!
I can't believe it would kidnap something as cute as Xiao Mei!
OGRE! DEMON! LOINCLOTH!! [Which is why Al/Mei = Loincloth!shipping]

Page 18:
That fat one...
I believe it was called a Homunculus
Homunculus? (whisper whisper)
It has a regenerative ability that makes it close to invulnerable. You shouldn't meddle with it carelessly.

Page 19:
I don't desire to be invulnerable! Let us chase it!
Didn't I said you shouldn't meddle with it carelessly? It is not an opponent you would go against easily.
If you do not enter the tiger's den, you will not acquire the cub! [this is an old saying that means basically, if you don't go into danger you won't get the prize]
Xiao Mei is in there too, so why should we need to hesitate?!
(The Fullmetal Alchemist's little brother...why is he with that Homunculus?)
(Is he an accomplice?)
[leaving the smaller text bubbles to Kirsten because I don't have much time...]

Page 20:
(The ground is rumbling...?)
What's wrong?
This strange
Ever since I entered this country I've been feeling a sense of unease and, how should I say...
I have no way to express that sensation...

Page 21:
But now I am beginning to understand this sensation...
There are a great many things crawling around under our feet...
What's wrong?
Are you cold?
Are you alright?
Sorry, I should have left you up there...
But it'll be bad if you're attacked by a stray dog...

Page 22:
Over here
So there was something this incredible under Central...

Page 23:
What is this?!
Hey Gluttony!!
It's just the gate keepers~ Don't worry~
Gate keepers?!
You won't be killed if you stay with me
There's something there....
Don't look at them...

Page 24:
Is it still far from where Father or whoever is?
Still still far~
That Father will know where the people you swallowed are, right?
Father's smart. He knows everything.
He makes everything. He made all of us.
Me and Lust.
And Envy too!
GYAHAHAHAHAHAHA [oh shit, this is where it gets freaky]
It hurts
Let me out, let me out of here

Page 25:
How's that?
Don't look
at me [ore]
at me [washi -how an old person would address him/herself]
Don't look
Hahahaha what incredible power
at me
How pleasant
This isn't pleasant at all...
Can you make a weapon?
Leave it to me

Page 26:
This is a sea of blood
There's no shortage of iron
(Bad taste...)
Can we do it?
Who knows
He got two or three of my ribs just a while ago
I'm about the same
Honestly, this is tough

Page 27:
Escape into the darkness and reorganize ourselves!!
I won't let you escape!!!

Page 28:

Page 29:
Please kill
I want to die
Come over here
With me
Don't kill me

Page 30:
Don't just stare at it you idiot!!
What are you hesitating for?!
There are people...
There are people inside...
They're pleading for help!!
Wrong!! It's a monster!!

Page 31:
Get it through your head!! [Kirsten, can you look into that line more?]
That thing is a monster!!
(cackle cackle)
Give me back my child
at me
(baby crying)
Don't look
What power
You come too
Shut up!! Stop it!!

Page 33:
Let's play
Help me
(Let's play)
Playtime's over

Page 33:

Page 34:
Help me
Do you understand this suffering
Let's die together
Let's live together
You come over here too
(cackle cackle cackle)
Ed!! Wake up!!
Open your eyes!!

Page 35:
Help me
You and us together
Please kill
I don't want to die...
[can't read that kanji...]
[or that one...]
[or those... -__-]
(...What's that?)
(A red....stone)
(I see...Envy's's the Philosopher's Stone...)

Page 36:
I've been searching...
To think I'm this close but can't reach it
My left's completely broken

Page 37:
Let me out, Envy!!
Uegghh, your mouth stinks you know!

Page 38: bastard. I'm telling you to let me out!!
I'll kick off all your front teeth!!
You too
With me...
Why won't you understand
Let's die together
Make them shut up!!
We might be able to get out of this place!!
Cooperate with me, Envy!!

Page 40:
These are rather unusual gatekeepers, aren't they?

Page 41:
They're called chimeras
Sad creatures born from alchemy

Page 43:
There's no end to them.
I don't like it...
There is definetly something down there
So there's still a large number of chimeras down below
How bothersome
That is not it

Page 44:
This is...
A person....?
Something's making a lot of noise
Someone is coming

CSakuraS: you do realize I am giving up a dinner of soba and gyoza to stay up all night translating this... DD:
Japan 44gou: D:
Japan 44gou: Well... I feel sick to my stomach, even more so after reading that chapter, and I'm going to have to LOOK at it EVEN MORE.
Japan 44gou: More than ANYONE ELSE will, probably. Oh, the life of a manga editor...
CSakuraS: ^^;
CSakuraS: well I'm going to translate all the creepy things the.....things say!!

EDIT: KIRSTEN! PLEASE check over this and get most of it (if not all) done by tomorrow night! O_O The competition is gaining on us!! I'll try jumping in a few times during the day, but that's not guaranteed...I already pissed off mom a lot by staying up this later. And have fun with those fonts. :D

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    Mon, 14:02: RT @ DanPriceSeattle: Billionaire wealth is now up 70% in the pandemic. That's an extra $2.1 trillion. Meanwhile the entire "too…

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    Sun, 15:14: RT @ MangaMoguraRE: "Toilet-bound Hanako-kun" color page by AidaIro in the latest Monthly G-Fantasy issue 11/2021 to celebrate…

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