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Fandom/RL post in one

I don't know why, but playing Alphonse makes me want to ship him and Mei even more. O_o *fingers crossed for them meeting in the next chapter* ... *also fingers crossed for us getting a Mei and Scar in the RPG*

Oh yeah, hagaren_manga has over 90 members now. And it's been open for less than a week. *__* YAY MANGA LOVE!!

So...things to do tonight and tomorrow:

-Finish English paper!!!! (note to self: don't forget process package!) (it sucks)
-Ancient Philosophy class (was cancelled)
-Upload English paper to Insite and hand it to professor (just on time)
-Post in hagaren_manga with scanlation sites
-Pack for Fall break

Things to do during Fall break:

-Work on History paper
-Do English homework
-Fill out Nekocon form for Wednesday
-Go see Corpse Bride and Serenity
-Go shopping for various stuff
-Get mom to make me Japanese food omg so desperate DD:
-Watch FMA on Adult Swim!
-Scan Conan manga...?
-Send Kirsten color RAWS!
-Catch up on Epithmo!
-Burn CDs for mom...?
-Translate Chapter 52 if it comes out while I'm home O_O

I think that's it...

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