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Circle of Sin

So, just finished watching the 3rd Haibane Renmei DVD. Now I'm really intrigued. I can see why people say this is a masterpiece. I didn't want it to end so quickly. I want to know more!
I'm glad they finally resolved the whole crow thing. The scene with the well creeped me out at first (damn, you The Ring!). And the Circle of Sin riddle made me laugh. "If you recognize your sin, then you are not a sinner...but if I think I no longer have sin, doesn't that make me a sinner?" XD
This volume made me rethink my opinions on some characters, namely Reki, Nemu, and to a lesser extent, Hikari. I felt sorry for the little meganeko, it must hurt to be left out of the loop. And I never thought Nemu was this caring. And wow,'ve got some issues.
I love how everyone's feelings and reactions are so REAL. This is also part of the reason why I love Full Metal Alchemist so much- raw, human emotion. The way Reki feels she's being left behind, feeling envious toward Rakka... God, being born and growing her wings all alone, that's just SAD. Reki really needs a hug.
Jeez, they say the ending is emotional, so what am I doing getting teary-eyed this early on?!

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