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The shower is clean now. But the drain is broken. >/ "We're going to call maintenance in the morning," says they. So I borrowed someone else's shower and NOW I FEEL CLEAN YAY! But up till then I didn't go outside the whole day because I felt absolutely disgusting. So I've barely eaten anything. >_>;

But YES! I talked to the RA at last. >D She says she'll talk with them, but can't do much since it's after the fact (BUT I TRIED CONTACTING YOU WHEN IT WAS HAPPENING GAAHHH), but I mentioned the evidence we caught on film. I also mentioned the damages to the bathroom so Brittany and I won't get charged with it, and all the other problems we've been having with them. And I got the RA's contact info.

So...I guess all I have to do is wait now.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I am rather annoyed with billypilgrim at the moment for taking the name fma_manga and NOT EVEN USING IT. And I don't feel like asking because I don't want him as a maintainer, after the huge wank at fm_alchemist. >>; So instead we have hagaren_manga. :/ It's not open for posting at the moment though, not until I get things set up. (And I won't have much free time until Thursday...)
Tags: clean!!!, mwahaha, revenge, stupid former roommates, vengeance is mine

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