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Real life post first, fandom post to come after

The RA still isn't here. >____< For crying out loud, she's always asking me whether things are okay but when I actually need her, she's not around!!
And today, we found a note in the bathroom from the other girls, saying "We'll clean this up later, sorry :("
Um...sorry doesn't cut it, I want to use the shower.
So Brittany wrote them a note back, basically saying that they should remember that they're sharing the bathroom, and please don't let it happen again. Shortly after, we hear Marie say "That bitch!!" and slam the door.
Brittany writes them another note.
Shortly after, we can hear them talking. "Well, fuck them!"
...Excuse me? Why are YOU angry at US? You trashed our bathroom, of course we're going to say something about it! At least we didn't go "YOU SUCK WE'RE CALLING THE RA ON YOU!" (though we will). We're not pushovers, SORRY. And I still want to use the shower.
Brittany brought her digital camera so we got evidence of the mess, at least. And when I went in to check again a while ago, there was another note saying "Don't touch, Drano is working. Happy?!?" NO I'M NOT HAPPY, and YOU have no reason to have an attitude with US. Yet.

In other news, I was supposed to email my World History professor with a thesis statement for my paper tonight. But I didn't. :( I should have a 100 in the class so far, so it wouldn't be too bad if I send it tomorrow, right? I mean...I've chosen a topic, I just can't come up with an argument. What can I argue about history?? I like reading history, learning history, discussing history...but what can I argue about it? Gahhh...
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