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First post of the day...?

I didn't go to sleep. o__o I've been awake for...over 24 hours now. Caffeine and fic-writing has sustained me this far. In fact, I've already eaten breakfast.

But I also made progress on my fic! I'm over 1000 words now and still not completely halfway through, which makes me happy because my one-shots are usually never that long. Here's a small excerpt:

"They should be around here somewhere," he muttered. Oh shit, what if they weren't? He'd be wrenched, that's what, but it wasn't like that never happened before. And after all, it had been years since he'd come here last...

Then suddenly, someone leaped out from the shadow of a wall, and with a few swift moves, Ed pushed Winry out of the way and had the man pinned on the ground.

"There you are," Ed smirked.

Oh yeah, any Lord of the Rings and/or CSI fans out there? READ THIS! XDDD

...Dammit, I want to take a shower!!

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