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Okay, WTF?! Ever since I came back from the movie, Marie and the other girls next door have been doing something in their room. Screaming, yelling, laughing, banging on walls, all of this VERY LOUDLY. Male and female voices. And now, it seems like they've all gathered in the bathroom. As in, more than three people at the same time. MALE AND FEMALE. There's still a lot of banging, noise, Marie saying "Oh my god!" multiple times, people falling over, and they BETTER not be messing with my stuff in there!!

God, I bet they're drunk. I sure hope they're not doing drugs or something. I mean it's fine if they do that stuff in their own room, it's not my problem, but if they're in the BATHROOM, which both Brittany and I share, THEN it becomes my problem. If I hear them messing with my bucket, I swear I will call on the RA.

EDIT: I can hear Marie barfing in there, and heard my bucket being moved around. And the RA isn't in her room at the moment. DAMMIT I CAN'T TAKE THIS!! We use the bathroom for hygiene for crying out loud!
Tags: stupid former roommates

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