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Bi-Weekly Anime Theater!

Today, on Monster....the plot thickens! An awesome new character is introduced, more stuff happens with those creepy kids, and there's a big time skip! Gotta love how captivating it's become so early on. :D DOWNLOAD AND COMMENT, FOOLS!

Monster Episode 3: Murder Case

Btw, has anyone been downloading Emma? :( It's a really great show, even if you're not into history or romance! Give it a try, especially now that Hakim has come into the fray. I wouldn't be uploading it if it weren't as great as the others! ♥

EDIT: ...I just lost half of my mixed nuts. The whole can tipped over. GODDAMMIT, THAT'S MY FOOD! BOUGHT WITH MY OWN MONEY! AND I'M HUNGRY! AAAAGGGHHHH! XOOOO

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