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Kirsten~~ D: I just randomly checked the Conan scanlation compilation thingy and someone scanlated the Volume 11 Files that I wanted to do. D: seems they haven't finished the Tengu case yet, but they've started on it!
So now all we have left to do is...Volume 12 Files 1-3 because the one they have there is an original episode from the anime for some really weird reason. >.>; If I remember correctly that was the one with the code on the antiques... And also Volume 13 Files 2-4 and 8-whatever because I can't remember (the early ones rarely went over 10 files a volume though). Can't recall what 2-4 are, but 8-whatever should be the Gamera case...
And the Shinichi's First Love case from Volume 19 is missing too...and some from Volume 20...


EDIT: GOD. For over 6 years I've lived with my entire Conan manga collection within reach. THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!

EDIT 2: And GOD, the more I think about it, the more the parallels between Ed/Winry and Shinichi/Ran start to jump out at me. Must...write...sequel...
Tags: detective conan, manga, scanlation

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