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CSakuraS: just finished presenting a project to class then carried a big package back to my dorm...and all I've eaten today is a poptart
BoneyardCrow: O.O
BoneyardCrow: What's in the package?
CSakuraS: dunno, haven't opened it yet.
BoneyardCrow: Well, open it!
CSakuraS: I just sat down so I want to rest for a bit first
BoneyardCrow: XD
BoneyardCrow: ok
CSakuraS: okay now for the package
BoneyardCrow: C_C
BoneyardCrow: *waits!*
CSakuraS: it's from my mom,
CSakuraS: hahaha Entertainment Weekly magazine XD
CSakuraS: ...a dirty towel?
CSakuraS: ...a sweater. dammit mom, there's a reason I left this one behind, it's too small.
CSakuraS: *feels so loved*
BoneyardCrow: XD
CSakuraS: this doesn't help the hunger pangs though T__T

 はい おかあさん、だいじょうぶでした! 10がつにかえってきます! ありがとう~!

The presentation went well, I think. At least this means at least 10% of my grade is secured. Now all I have to worry about is the 2nd Close Analysis and my History paper...

Has Hikaru no Go come out yet? >/
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