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Argh moodswing.

I'm so behind on Epithmo it's not funny....I don't want to quit. There's a lot of stuff I want to do there, but I can't unless I devote some time to it, and right now I have no idea what's going on and there's all these new characters... T___T I just can't keep up with journal RPs anymore. And I could try starting some plot during Winter Break (because my Fall break is like only four days) but I might also go to Japan during that time so...*sigh* I don't want to quit though!! *whines*

Anyway, tomorrow's schedule is TIGHT. Can't believe I was actually considering joining the Horticulture Club today because there is no way I can fit that into my Tuesdays.

-History Club 12:15-1PM (THEY BETTER BE THERE THIS TIME) (decided not to go, too tired)
-Look for my English binder again at Ratcliffe Hall and hope there isn't another class in there (THERE WAS ANOTHER CLASS IN THERE)
-Write analysis and personal response for group project as well as Writer's Workbook entry
-Statistics class 2:30-3:45 (Omg I actually understood what we were doing in class!!)
-Go to library to choose & photocopy essay for Close Analysis #2 (THEY'RE IN THE TEXTBOOK DUH)
-Finish group project things and send to Tina
-World History class 5:30-6:45
-Japanese Language Club 7-who knows when

-print outlines & highlight, whenever I get back

PHEW. @___@
Tags: college, rpg

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