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I have never felt more appreciation for soup in my life. If the menu for the day isn't satisfactory, I can always depend on there being two soup choices. And Regattas has such GOOD soup.
And I think I'm becoming very antisocial at dinner time. The thing is, when I sit down to eat these days, I can only concentrate on FOOD. Dinner is my only meal of the day. I'm too busy pigging out and thinking "Oh god, this lasagna is great" to have a proper conversation with other people. Sorry, try talking to me after my stomach is full. (I don't know who I'm addressing this to...)

Let's Learn About You!
Who are you?Cynthia
When is your birthday?June 18
Where were you born?San Antonio, Texas
Where do you live now?Newport News, but my home is in Woodbridge
What do you do? [K-12, College, Work, etc.]College student~
What is your...
Hair color:Dark brown or black
Eye color:Dark brown
Height:Um...5'2" maybe?
Special talents:Writing, reading comprehension, making up stories...translating?
Hypothetically speaking...
If you could live anywhere in the world...?Well, I'd like to live in Santa Fe again, but the East Coast is more suited to my tastes
If you could meet anyone dead or alive...?Dead: Queen Elizabeth I, Alive: Hiromu Arakawa
If you could choose your own name...?I like the one I have now.
If you could do anything right now...?Finish my first book with Nelly
Color:All shades of blue.
Place you've been to:Dartmoor in England :D
Restaurant:...does Panera Bread count?
Weather:Cool, breezy days
Food:Ice cream
Drink:Barley tea (mugicha)
Store at the mall:Suncoast, but sadly, most of the time I can't afford anything there so I just stare at the merchandise
TV channel / shows:Generally, Cartoon Network or the Discovery Channel. But I also like many shows on other channels.
Band / Music:Um...I like soundtracks? :D;
Video Game:Pokemon (on Gameboy)
Website:I guess's where I socialize and get entertainment and news
Do you like...
Black licorice?Ew no.
Video games?Not a big gamer
Sushi or Sashimi?I can only stand tuna sashimi
Broccoli?Depends on how it's cooked
Singing or Dancing?Singing, can't dance
One or the Other!
Rain or Sunshine?Sunshine, but not very hot
Liberal or Conservative?Somewhere in the middle, but leaning more toward Liberal
Right handed or Left handed?Right
Compassionate or Heartless?Compassionate O.o
Logical or Creative?Depends on the situation, but I prefer being Creative
Get Descriptive!
An outfit you like to wear:Plain black or grey shirt, with blue jeans or khakis of any color.
What kind of boys/girls you like:I'd like a guy who is fun and has intellectual tastes, but most of all can understand me.
Your bedroom / apartment:On my desk (which is where I hang out the most) I have many books, DVDs, CDs, and random sheets of paper lying around, always with a pen in reach. My bed has sheets in pastel hues with three small pillows which I have leaned against the wall to form a makeshift couch.
Your perfect friends:People who don't get turned off by my outward behavior and appreciate the person I am inside.
Yes or No
Do you love anyone?Not romantically...
Do you hate anyone?I don't think I REALLY hate anyone. I may feel extremely annoyed at times, though.
Do you get along with your parents?Fairly well
Do you drink or smoke?NO.
Do want to get married?That would be nice!
Do you want kids?Possibly
Do you do silly things to get someone's attention?In a subtle fashion, yes. I may not be so subtle on the internet, though.
Do you blog more than once a week?Yes
Is your journal friends-only?No
Do you like doing silly meme quizzes that waste time?Yes



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