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We argue over the most pointless things...

YES! I finally get to post something before Kirsten does!

Japan 44gou: I think Arakawa-sensei mentions something about the story moving to the northern region in this question...
CSakuraS: :OO
CSakuraS: well, Envy and Marcoh DID say that the North would be next...
Japan 44gou: She's saying SOMETHING about the northern region and Drachma, at least...
Japan 44gou: Yeah.
Japan 44gou: And she says there's a big fortress there... and I'm not sure about anything else. XD
CSakuraS: :O
CSakuraS: and there will definetly be flashbacks to Ishbal too :D
Japan 44gou: Oh yes!
Japan 44gou: And she mentions something about Hoho-papa. :OO
CSakuraS: YAY
CSakuraS: you know, I find it remarkable that for like 4 volumes now, most of the plot has been taking place inside of Central... o_o
Japan 44gou: Yeah. o.o
CSakuraS: a scene change would be nice, yes...
CSakuraS: so much that could happen inside of one city
Japan 44gou: Well... Ed and Ling are in Limbo right now.
CSakuraS: XD
CSakuraS: and let's see, so far the plot has taken them through the East, South, farther east (Xerxes), Central.....West gets no love. D:
Japan 44gou: West is too far!
Japan 44gou: They keep going back to the East, it'll take them a while to get all the way across the country.
CSakuraS: yeah, but....they need to go South to get Ed's automail fixed! :O
Japan 44gou: It's not broken yet!!
CSakuraS: and if they're in Central they're about the same distance from everywhere
Japan 44gou: But they're retards and keep going back to East instead.
CSakuraS: XD
CSakuraS: well fine, if you like the East so much, I want everyone to go to Xing! >O
Japan 44gou: YEAH! XING!!!

"Call me" is such an awesome song. I must look for the lyrics so I can translate it or something....if the manga ever gets animated again, I want this to be the Opening theme. Yeah, it's off from the anime which had male singers for the OPs, but god, Nana Kitade is SO perfect for this series.
Tags: fma, i'm so obsessed hahaha

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