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I was GOING to finish writing the Amestris-verse Double!Ed drabble, but......this hit me first. O__o

The Shrunken Alchemist

The last thing Winry expected to find at the doorstep in the middle of the night was a child.

"Can you?" she asked.

The child was a boy, about six to seven years old, very short in stature, with gold eyes and hair and a fact, he looked very much like a young Edward except for the wire-frame glasses that he wore. This threw her completely off, because Edward did not wear glasses.

The boy fidgeted, looking down at his feet.

She then noticed the man standing behind the boy, and recognized him as Colonel Roy Mustang, also known as the Flame Alchemist. Roy smiled in greeting. "Ms. Rockbell, may we come in? There's something I'd like to discuss..."


"You want me to take care of him?" Pinako frowned suspiciously. "What do you mean by this?"

"This boy here," Roy patted the boy on the head, "his parents are both in the military and have gone off on a mission, and he has nowhere else to go."

"So why should we have to take him in?"

"He's...interested in automail. And Fullmetal recommended it."

"Ed did?" Winry took another look at the boy, who avoided her gaze yet again. "So the two know each other?"

"...In a way, yes."


Roy grabbed his coat, getting ready to leave, when he was suddenly pulled into a closet by a hand on his sleeve.

"'Interested in automail'? You couldn't come up with anything better than that?!" growled a voice from somewhere around Roy's knees.

"It worked, didn't it?" Roy smirked, amused. "And at least now they won't be so suspicious of your automail."

The boy winced, rubbing at his right arm. "Yeah...I can't wait until they get me some new ones. That mechanic in Central was the worst, bet he'd never made anything kid-size before."

"So it's all worked out for the best, hasn't it? You can stay here, safe from harm in that vulnerable state, while your brother and I look for a cure."

"Better than staying in the military barracks, anyway," the boy scowled. He couldn't dare let the guys know of this, the short jokes would never end. "Just tell Al to hurry it up, will you?"

"Don't you scowl at me, Fullmetal. I wasn't the one who dabbled in the wrong kind of human transmutation."


It was like having another brother. But this time, she was the older sister, and thus had all the authority. After all, Winry could never pick up Ed or Al like this and hug them.

"M-Miss Winry?" the boy blushed, as she gave him another squeeze.

"You're so cute. Say, are there any girls you like...?"


For once, Ed thought, being short wasn't such a bad thing.

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