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Double!Ed drabble #1 by Kirsten

And here's #2. >D

Good News

Edward reclined on the couch, propping his prosthetic leg on a cushion, with the lastest issue of The Times in his hands. "German bastards," he muttered.

What's it say? asked a voice in his head.

"We're finally making them pay, that's what."

They're the ones who...

"Who bombed the hell out of the place, right. And who took my bloody leg." Edward could never forget that day. Well, what little that he could remember, anyway. He was out for most of it, a mere backseat passenger. He'd been shoved out of the way suddenly, unexpectedly, from his own consciousness, and when he woke up, was lying in a raging inferno of debris. Somehow Hohenheim was able to drag him out of it, but his left leg was crushed, and had to be amputated.

As if that wasn't bad enough, there was an other-worldly spirit inhabiting his head. Another version of himself, supposedly. He'd think he was going insane if Hohenheim hadn't confirmed it.

For all that had happened to him, if the Allies hadn't won, Edward would have very much liked to hang himself. "They had it coming," he told himselves.

There was a knock on the door. "Edward." It was Hohenheim's voice.

"Which one?" Edward asked with a cynical smirk.

"...My son."

"Which one?" This wouldn't be so difficult if Hohenheim hadn't adopted Edward some years ago.

"...Both." The door opened. "I have some news."

Edward folded the newspaper and set it on the table, all ears. The other Ed, too, was now paying attention. Surely he'd found a way to get back...?

"We're going to Germany."

EDIT: #3 by Kirsten.

EDIT: #4.


You're growing it long?

Edward paused in between brushing his hair. "Maybe." He scrutinized his reflection in the mirror. His bangs almost reached his ears now.

The other Ed became silent.

"But it'd be hard to take care of," Edward mused. "I've always kept it short. Maybe if I tie it back or something..."

How...about a braid? the other Ed offered.

Edward thought hard about this, and actually was about to acknowledge it as a good idea before suddenly realizing what this suggestion might imply.

"NO," he said quickly, reaching for a pair of scissors in the drawer. "HELL NO."
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