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This post is brought to you by Gluttony and my growling stomach.

Arakawa: Because I hate for the tempo of the story to get bad, I create one climax in each chapter, make that the focus, and cutting the unneeded things is the direction that I've drawn. Particularly recently, I'm having trouble because every month I don't have enough pages. I'm even cutting the episodes that I wanted to put in...and when that happpes, the percentage of Ling-tachi's appearances have become limited. Though really I want to let them appear more. From now on, they'll do more. ...Surely. (laughs)

Ling-tachi should get a spinoff, depending on how the manga ends. If not that, a gaiden. I DEMAND A BOOK IN FIGURE FOR THE XING CHARACTERS!!

Right. Now for real life stuff. History midterm was fairly easy, if not rather tedious. Both my clubs were cancelled today (and I only found out after showing up), and I'm very hungry right now. I'm running out of things to eat. I even ate some crappy microwaved ramen and I'm still hungry.

...Well, back to Biology.

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