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I'm so mean to Ed...

Of all the crazy things to come up with while studying Mesopotamia...

The Nightmare

Many times when Ed dreamed, it would be about alchemical formulas, or something having to do with what he'd just studied. More often, though, he had nightmares- treasured childhood memories twisted into horrifying reminders of pain, loss, and guilt. After these, he would always wake up shaking, covered in sweat, and with renewed determination.

Tonight, though, he was having a good dream. These were very rare, and this one more so, because it did not involve Al being restored or him beating the crap out of the Colonel.

It was the happiest day of his life. The room was bathed in a warm white light, and Ed stood in a suit, surrounded by his friends and family, both dead and alive. Beside him was a woman in a beautiful white dress with a veil. Ah, thought Edward with a mental nod, this must be his wedding day. Ed grinned and looked around for Al.

But suddenly there was a loud booming voice coming from somewhere overhead, sounding suspiciously like his father. "Speak now or forever hold your peace."

Someone stood up from the row of chairs before the altar. It was Winry. "I object!" she said.

Ed blinked. "Wait a minute..." If she was there, then who was...? Confused, Ed turned to his bride and lifted the veil...then recoiled. It was Aunt Pinako's face beneath that veil!

"Why do you object?" asked the booming voice, seemingly unaware of Ed's growing sense of dread.

Winry pointed an accusing finger at him. "He's too short to be married!!"

JAB. Ed felt his heart rupture. At the same time, he suddenly shrank several feet, so that Pinako in her lovely white dress towered above him.

And finally, he spotted Al. His little brother was still in his armor body, but was also wearing a suit, and had his own bride as well. Upon closer inspection, Ed saw that the bride's face was that of a cat.

"Hello, Brother!" Al waved, happily.

"Nyeow!" mewed his bride.

Then Ling rode in atop a handsome white horse fit for a prince, and he threw daisies into the air, everywhere.

And there Ed stood, burried in flowers, his brother married to a cat, and Winry laughing cruelly in the background, while he could only protest feebly in a high, squeaky voice... And on top of that, it started raining milk too.


"Brother, what's wrong?!"

Ed awoke with a gasp. He found himself lying in bed, shirt drenched in sweat, breathing heavily.

"'s nothing..."

"Are you sure?"

Ed slowly sat up, shuddering. He walked over to a mirror in the hotel room and stared at his own reflection. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, reflecting how disturbed and baffled he felt. Tentatively, Ed reached up and straightened his antenna, the same as he did every morning, and gulped.

"What the hell....."
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