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Keeeeeeeeeeeeelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... D:

I keep trying to talk to you but then you're away so I watch anime and when I come back again you had come back while I was away but now you are away again and ARGH. ...I'm gonna go eat dinner and watch a movie now. D: Because my college is showing Mr. and Mrs. Smith for free and I'd been wanting to watch that for a long while.....

Maybe I should just quit Sorting Hat and Epithmo too. >___< I said I came back, but after that I just can't get back into them anymore (hah, like I was ever active in Sorting Hat in the first place). Maybe after playing in Mugenjou almost nonstop last year I'm all RP-ed out or something...I mean, if it's just every now and then I'm alright, but keeping up with it on the other any case I feel horrible about it, because to stop RPing would mean losing touch with a lot of friends.


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