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Another manga post!

Why yes, I am still fangirling over Chapter 51. ^^; The contents of this post will be spoilery for those who still haven't read it.

fm_alchemist exploded with awesome today. Here I bring two fanart recs, manga-based because you don't find many of those: Scar/Mei! and Envy's true form.
And look, someone made a Gollum!Envy icon! xDD *loves*

OMFG, I write fanfic too. More Ed+Lingness. Ling-centric, actually, because if you pay attention, you'll notice that most of the FMA characters have different sides to them. Like, when Ling first made an appearance, my first thought was "Who is this freak??? XD" but now he is totally cool. Fascinating, it is.

Take a Good Look

If he wanted to, Ed could make a very long list of all the things that annoyed him about Ling. The way he took advantage of people. That stupid grin on his face. How one could never guess what he was thinking. His height.

Which only made it more disconcerting to see him when all these features had melted away (well, besides his height, goddammit). Sitting in a dark corner of the shack, the Ling that Ed saw spoke of honor, courage, sacrifice, regret- he was, from all angles, a prince.

It was then that Ed realized just what had pissed him off the most about Ling- he'd reminded him of Mustang. That same smirking, deceiving mask on the outside, with a noble heart and cunning on the inside.

Maybe this was why he decided to put up with him. The Colonel was a bastard, but he could be trusted.

Ling was no Colonel, nor an alchemist. But seeing the serious side of the mask was convincing enough.

...I suck. I've been using up my precious free time on manga things instead of RPing. I bet everyone hates me. T__T
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