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nuances of time

Tracey wants to see Catwoman. O_O WTF.

My poem was critiqued today at class. It was an okay response I guess. Some people understood what I was getting at, but others...come on, not every poem has to be about death. And I know it was severely lacking in imagery, but I have no idea how I'm going to incorporate that into the poem. And they want details. Okay, but umm...some of those 'details' are very personal. I've already had a bad experience telling someone about it. And that's not what the poem's about. So I'm still feeling kind of lost about the whole thing. -_-
The letter to a publisher thing is next week. Holy shit. I don't know how the hell I'm going to handle that.
The workshop is tomorrow. HOLY SHIT.
Otakon is 3 days away. I'm feeling kinda nervous, excited, and jumpy about that.
Sometimes I'd like to take a knife to time, just stab it down so that it would stay still and take a breather once in a while. It works way too hard, and is leaving me behind.
Come back! COME BACK!

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