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A real life post to come later, but now for some more manga rambling.

I have a confession to make. I'm...starting to like Ed/Ling.

Now PLEASE don't start throwing smut at me just because I said that, I very rarely like yaoi pairings and I want to take baby steps with this one. O_O And EdWin is still my manga!OTP. But you know...I find it remarkable that, despite how little screentime Ling has been given so far, he and Ed seem to interact a lot more than, say, Ed and Roy do in total during the manga. Plus it's entertaining.
I shall call it Friendshipping. Because they're friends but don't realize it yet.

This is how their relationship has developed thus far:

OMG let's be friends!!

OMG let's be enemies.

OMG I hate you!!

OMG stop hitting on Winry!!!

OMG NO WE'RE NOT FRIENDS!! (Al knows better.)

OMG I hate you even more!!

OMG I still hate you!!

OMG let's be allies!!

OMG teamwork!

OMG I feel for ya, man.

OMG that's MY homunculus!!

OMG let's be friends!!

OMG more teamwork!

OMG I'll save you!!

OMG you're alive!

OMG you still piss me off.

OMG I like you enough to save your ass AGAIN.'re not so bad.


...So there you are. Friendshipping.

Btw, is it just me or does the whole cast need a REALLY long vacation?
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