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Page 44/44. COMPLETE!

Page 1:
Chapter 51 [Doors of Darkness]
Seeing the truth, no matter when...

Page 2:
Isn't anyone here?!
What's going on here!
Where is this place?!
Ahh jeez, now even Gluttony would be great! If you're here, explain this!
What's with the stupid, huh?

Page 3:
What a way of addressing a Prince!
So you're okay!
For now.
What?'re not Envy in disguise, are you?
Oh come on...then how about I list from the top the menu of the room service we ate at the hotel you were staying at?
Okay you're the real Ling.
You're not a fake too, are you, you be-
Alright, you're real.

Page 4:
Besides that, where is this place?
I don't know.
I just went walking in that direction for a while but...
There was nothing but darkness.
No matter how far I go, there's no end.
No way! Gimme that torch!
UWAWAWAWA! A human bone?!
Yes, I borrowed from the corpses and trees lying around here and made them into a torch.
I was about to go mad walking around in this darkness without a light. Thank goodness there was a source of fire.
Source of fire?
What fire is this?

Page 5:
Maybe it's from that Colonel's flames that were swallowed by Gluttony?
Ah- Colonel's coming in handy in unthinkable places.
That's right! 'Swallowed' means...
We were really swallowed by Gluttony?! Then why are we here?!
I'm the one who wants an explanation. Back then we definetly got chomped by Gluttony...
I remember being swallowed too. But there's no way the inside of his stomach is this huge.
But see, look at this.
Isn't it that dilapidated house we were in earlier?
Ah...! This is the car the First Lieutenant was riding!
We're really inside his stomach...?
Who knows. But from the fact that Envy wanted me to be swallowed, we can guess that this isn't a very good place...

Page 6:
What's wrong?
This is...
Ling! This!
Al's hand?
If it's just his hand...
That means his main body hasn't come over here...
That's a relief for now
But this is bad. I have no idea where this is...
Al's probably worrying...

Page 7:
NWAAARRGH!! Conveniently awaken, my telepathic power!!
Do that by yourself!
It's not like it's just night. I can't see any stars.
Yes. I don't sense the presence of living things so it doesn't seem like we're outside.
This place really is weird. Though there's a bunch of buildings and skeletons rolling around...
The time periods are messed up here, see?
What's going on?

Page 8:
'If there's no exit, then make one!' is my motto!!
Make one...
...Ah!! Under our feet!! For the time being, there's a ground!
How's this?
This is more like hardened blood instead of ground.
I guess I'll try opening a hole.
Let's see, the components of blood are protein, grease, urea, iron...

Page 9:
Hand me the fire.
There's no sound of it hitting the ground...

Page 10:
A wall!! Let's search for a wall!!
Right, let's do that!!
Come on! No matter how wide a place is, if you walk straight ahead you'll reach the end someday!!
Move forward!!
Shaomei where are you~?!
Mr. Yoki, has she returned?
That black-and-white cat? I don't know.

Page 11:
Where have you gone, Shaomei~~~
Maybe it was eaten by a stray dog or something?
She...Shaomei is a Great Panda who wasn't able to grow big due to an illness from birth.
Because her body didn't grow, she was abandoned by the other pandas so I took her in...
Since then we've grown up together like sisters. [That's right, Shaomei is a GIRL!!! O_O]
My clan... Out of the 50 tribes of the nation of Xing, the Chan clan is the closest to having no authority and is in the lowest class.

Page 12:
Maybe that's why
Being in a poor situation, you could say we were drawn together, or...
Yes, in the beginning it may have been sympathy.
But we grew together like family and suffered hardships together...
To me she's become someone who cannot be replaced.
I've been able to bear many things because she was there...
This time, I was even able to bear crossing the desert because I was with her.
That's right! About that desert-crossing. Where's the need to risk your lives coming to this country?
To obtain the way to immortality!!

Page 13:
If I don't bring back the way to immortality and obtain the emperor's confidence, at this rate my clan will probably die out...
That's why I crossed the dessert risking death along with her...
With her...
Ahhh don't cry, please!
Come on!!

Page 14:
There's still a little time till sunrise.
If we're going searching for this Shaomei or whatever then it's best while the soldiers are scarce.
You're going to help?
It's in thanks for fixing my leg.
He may have a scary face but he's a nice person, isn't he!

Page 15:
His clan...
The nation of Ishbal
died off in the previous civil war
He's probably thinking of the fate of your poor clan.
What's wrong? Aren't you going to search?
Yes! Mr. Yoki's servant!!
...Stop with the 'servant.'
Eh? Then what is your name?
I have no name to be known by. Call me what you like.
Umm then Mr. X!
...That's _____ too. [Can't make out that kanji, leaving it to Kirsten.]
Eeeh?! Umm ummm then.....

Page 16:
No sound of it hitting anything to the left, right, or above.
Impossible! What's with this spacious place?!

Page 17:
How long have we been walking since then?
With this sea of blood around our gets...even more tiring...
Brace yourself...I'm telling you...there's got to be an exit...somewhere
I'm hungry... As soon as I get out the first thing I want is food
I also want to eat and sleep... Oh...shit...I have to go fix...the city and those houses I messed up in the battle with Scar...
I...can't go on...
Hey hey quitting already? how pathetic...
Do you plan on collapsing again after coming all the way here?

Page 18:
Hey, get a hold of yourself! Stand! Walk!
Don't worry about me...
Go yourself...
Ha!! You have no guts!!
Then I'll just allow myself to keep going on my own!
There's no way I can die in a place like this!
I'm really going on by myself!!
I really am!!
I'm leaving you behind!!

Page 19:
....weren't you going to go off by yourself?
Yeah! There's someone waiting for my return, after all!
I wouldn't die with you for anything!
But...isn't there someone waiting for you too?!

Page 20:
Besides that! Bastard...if you have talk.....
We just...continue to...get our strength sucked up by...the sea of blood...
Unable to see the's almost like...a march of death...

Page 21:
I'm hungry...
If only there was any food...
Did you know, Ling?
Leather goods are edible.
In a movie I saw when I was a kid...there was a scene where they cooked and ate leather shoes...
Wait, but shoes are...
Ah! Damn, I don't have a pot...I'll just transmute the stuff around here and...there
For water...I can purify this sea of blood (yup)
[Omgwtf leaving these kanji for Kirsten.]

Page 22:
About what?
You got thrown into a place like this and get in worse situations because you keep taking care of me.
Not really. It's not much compared to my training when I was a kid. (Augh, not good, there's junk stuck in here)
What kind of childhood experience is that...
Though it's troublesome that I don't know where this place is
とりあえずピンシャンしてるからおかげで出口が探せる。 ["Pinshan"?? What kind of word is that, it doesn't sound Japanese...]
You're sure positive.
Not positive, more like persistant when it comes to surviving.
Because if I give up even a little, Al's fists and roars will come flying at me. I can't start complaining.

Page 23:
Now then, that's the end of our break. Let's go.
Hah~~~~~ So there's no choice but to walk after all...
Wait, Ed.
? What is it?
Something's coming!
This is...
Well well well... I thought this might be it when I saw the light

Page 24:
So it's you guys.
It IS Envy!
Turning humble so suddenly?!
Of course!! I'd sell my soul to the enemy in order to survive!! For only a moment though!!
Being persistant in surviving is all well and good but there's no beauty to it!!
Shut up!! That's how humans survive!! [Not completely sure about last line- "なんぼじゃい"? ]
There is no exit.
What?!'ve really done too much.
I was only planning for that squinty eyes to be swallowed, but now even this Envy is food...

Page 25:
Swallow...then...then this really is inside Gluttony's stomach?!
It's inside his stomach and it's not inside his stomach.
Fullmetal Pip...Alchemist, haven't you already figured out where this place is?
Come to think of it, at the moment I was swallowed by Gluttony...I sensed that somewhere before...
You remember, don't you?
You've experienced it in the past.

Page 26:
The Doors of Truth...!!
But...that place wasn't in darkness or a sea of blood!!
It was a white space and there were doors...
Ohh... So the real thing is a place like that.
This is...
Gluttony is a fake Doors of Truth that "Father" created.
Hey what is this about these Doors or Truth?

Page 27:
Even with "Father's" power, he couldn't create it.
Gluttony is a failure that couldn't become the real Doors.
This place is, hmmm...
Something like the interval between Reality and Truth.
There's no exit or any way to get out.
No one can get out of here.
We can only wait until our energy and lifespans run out.
All we can do here is wait for our death...!!

Page 28:
You're lying!!
There's no way I can let that happen!!
Say something, Envy!!
I'm begging you...please tell me it's a lie!!

Page 29:
There's no exit.....
We're going to die here....?
Wait a minute. If I die what's going to happen to Al?
I...I made a promise...!!
And just what is it with everyone going "the Doors", "the Doors"!! Needing humans who've opened the Doors...
No, wait wait, just who is this "Father" of yours who needs the Doors so badly he'd try creating them with his own hands in the first place?
Is it Fuhrer Bradley?
Ha! There's no way that kid is our Father.
He treats THAT like a kid...
The Fuhrer is also...a created human?

Page 30:
That's right.
...This is horrible.
The 5th Laboratory...the Philosopher's Stone which used human lives...Homunculi...if the Fuhrer's in on it, that means the Ishbal War is involved in it too?
Hahaha! There's no civil war as magnificent as that one!
Do you remember? The incident that started the civil war?
If I remember correctly, a commissioned officer accidentally shot and killed an Ishbalan child...

Page 31:
It was this Envy! The perpetrator who killed that child!!
That really felt good!
The civil war spread so quickly with just one bullet, it was exhilerating!
Humans really are easy to manipulate, interesting creatures!
I was happy!!
Ahh also, I disguised myself as a moderate officer who was opposing military intervention in Ishbal at that time when I shot!!
Later on that guy was judged by the military council, you know!

Page 32:
I got rid of one guy who was in the way and started a civil war, it was like two birds with one stone!!
So it was you...
The main cause of that civil war, who shot an innocent child to death...
Who destroyed the East and our hometown...
Who drove away the Ishbalans...
Who gave birth to a demon of vengeance called Scar...
Who took her...who stole Winry's parents away from her, the start of that civil war...

Page 33:
(What's that? He didn't even flinch...)

Page 34:
You want to fight? You brats.
Ed, withdraw!
We're all going to die here anyway.
I'll show you something good as a souvenir for the underworld
Did you see his footsteps when we fought in the forest?

Page 35:
They were sinking down considerably.
When we fought in Central too, only the railing that HE landed on was bent
...which means...
It means that he weighs a great deal more than what his form seems to imply.
Be careful.
His real form is very...

Page 36 & 37:

Page 38:
What is this thing!!
What part of this is a "created human"?!
Hows that
This is
My [ore]
My [ore]
My [watashi]
My appearance
This appearance

Page 39:

Page 40:
Don't look
Don't look
At me...!! [boku]

Page 41:
I swallowed the human sacrifice~~~
I swallowed Envy too~~~
What should I do? ["おで"??]

Page 42:
...I don't know.
Father will get mad at me...
You have a father?
I do~~~
The person who created the Homunculi?
He created~~~

page 43:
(Just where is the mass he sucks up going, anyway?!)
...There's some kind of trick to it...
There someone who created the Homunculi...
That's it.
It hasn't been settled whether Brother has died...
Get a hold of yourself! Didn't we decide we'd get our bodies back together?!
If either one of us gives up, it's the end!!
Colonel said so, too! Don't get flustered! Don't stop thinking! Don't give up!

Page 44:
Take me to him!!
Take me to your Father!!
(Don't give up!!)

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