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Blargh...Chapter 51 better come out Sunday evening, because I might be going to the beach tomorrow with mom. x__x; And yet I keep refreshing fm_alchemist constantly... Today was very eventful and I had a great time and I now have my very own PRINTER!

...But right now I'm feeling rather shitty because of my rushed translation-summaries of those magazine scans I did this morning. That was terrible. I'm probably going to make myself feel worse by calling attention to it, but... *ashamed*

And also, writing in Japanese is addictive. ほらね! But I sound so childish. :( Gonna have to improve on that. でもマミーをお母さんとよぶのわちょっとへんなかんじだな。。。 ママわどうかな? ふつうだれもお母さんをマミーとよばないよね。。。 まるでミイラみたい。

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