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AGH English paper awaits. DX But first, one more post for the night...

I think it's by time I start expecting to hear word from the Writers of the Future Contest peoples. They said judging would end around late August or early September. And oh look, it's early September. And even if I don't win anything, they should be sending my manuscript back. So yeah...any day now.
Also related to writing, I'm considering this. I's worth a shot, right? If they accept my story, I get paid. But if that happens, I won't be eligible for the Writers of the Future Contest anymore. But if I win (hah) the Writers of the Future Contest this year then I can't enter again anyway so I can still try. And even if I don't become elligible for that anymore, there's a chance I can still become published! Yay! I'm being very optimistic here, obviously. As soon as I get word...

...What am I thinking, I haven't even finished Chapter 4 of my Nelly story yet. NEXT WEEKEND. EINSTEIN'S CAFE. RAWR.
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