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Crap, so it's come to this again, huh? >.< I really want to take a shower but I can't because I have nothing to I have to go to Statistics feeling dirty and wearing old, mismatched clothes.
Things to do today:

-Statistics homework
-take out the trash
-read Simulacra files
-perhaps finally call/email my family (I bet they all must hate me) food...

-write rough draft of English paper (10% of grade holy crap no RPing today)

Oh yeah. Explanation for what happened to Dante: "After talking with Ed, Lyla ran away, and up to the point where she gets eaten in the elevator with Gluttony I thought it was too arranged so I crossed that out. When Ed opened his eyes, there's the passing of time too, since she doesn't need Rose's body anymore, in this instance I think she would probably run away."

...HOW can they be so careless with their story?! If this were a novel the editors would be tearing it apart.

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